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The solution P2S developed with Detandt-Simon is an outcome-based subscription where airquality is continuously guaranteed to customers, over a multi-year period. Customers are freed from having to buy and maintain the ventilation system. The ventilationsystem is provided for a recurring fee that also includes installation, maintenance, spareparts, value-added services, and an outcome guarantee. Customers only pay for the outcome: ventilated air. No upfront investment is required from customers (OpEx financing). In addition, smartair flow optimisation software allows for up to 40% savings on customers’ energy bills.

After the first two stages, Detandt-Simon had a ready-to-use subscription offering. However, before launching, it was important to prepare the internal company and processes for the new offering. P2S defined the processes and flowcharts for each step required throughout the subscription duration, and assigned roles and responsibilities. New jobs emerged, such as the Customer Success Manager, responsible for guaranteeing customer satisfaction throughout the contract duration, and beyond. Another challenge that needed to be mastered was the IT infrastructure, adapting the ERP and CRM systems so that they could accommodate recurring billing, contract management, etc.

It was then time to create awareness around the newly developed subscription offering, creating a sales strategy and a marketing plan. Support material (website, brochures) was created, as well as several sales channels that were put in place. Training sales representatives was another major challenge, as selling an as-a-Service solution over time is different from selling one-off products. P2S put itself into the customers’ shoes once again to define potential FAQs (and answered them). It was now time to assist Detandt-Simon in launching and selling the first subscriptions to customers.

It took only 10 months, from the start of conceptualisation until the launch of the subscription offering, leading to an increase in Detandt Simon’s margins by 500%, as well as to an increase in revenue of 150%, compared to the traditional one-off sale of ventilation systems.

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Florian André
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